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ROUTE Cathy Johnson Trail 4 Miler


Cathy Johnson Trail 4 Miler

  • x 5
  • 6.51 km
  • 189 m

This trail is part of the Ken Caryl Open Space and runs directly between the Dakota and Lyons Hogbacks. You can start on either the north (South Valley Road) trailhead, or south (Deer Creek Canyon Road). Either way you choose, the route will take you uphill to start, and will then follow a gradual downhill to the turnaround, making for a great ...

ROUTE Washington Park 5 Miler

ROUTE Wash Park.jpg

Washington Park 5 Miler

  • x 6
  • 8.18 km
  • 164 m

This 5 mile double loop of Washington Park offers views of every feature of Denver's most beloved green space. Starting with a lap around the outer gravel path that wraps around the entire rectangular north/south space, you'll see the beautiful houses of the "Wash Park" neighborhood. After completing the initial loop you'll move to an interior ...

ROUTE Mary Carter Greenway Trail 20 Mile Route

ROUTE 20160117-DenverCityTrail22.jpg

Mary Carter Greenway Trail 20 Mile Route

  • x 9
  • 32.047 km
  • 148 m

The Mary Carter Greenway Trail begins at Chatfield State Park and parallels the South Platte River. The grade averages around 1%, so this is the perfect multi-use trail for a long run day. This 20 mile route passes waterfalls, breweries, botanical gardens, beautiful pedestrian bridges, as well as industrial areas and neighborhoods. Nearly the ...

ROUTE Mount Falcon Castle Trail

ROUTE 20160114-DenverCityTrail19.jpg

Mount Falcon Castle Trail

  • x 11
  • 10.324 km
  • 515 m

This trail begins at the East Access Lot off Vine Street and Highway 8 in Morrison. Beginning from the parking lot you will climb 2,000 vertical feet, enjoying some of the best panoramic views available of the Denver cityscape and Red Rocks Amphitheater. There are several additional trails that split off from the Castle Trail, offering new ...

ROUTE Matthew Winters Park Full Circuit

ROUTE MatthewWintersPark (15 of 13).jpg

Matthew Winters Park Full Circuit

  • x 10
  • 10.89 km
  • 485 m

This loop offers the best of the Dakota Ridge, Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks, and Matthew Winters Park. This is a technical trail with lots of tough footing and a lot of climbing. Starting from the Stegosaurus Lot just off I-70 you'll begin by heading uphill to the Dakota Ridge, which you'll follow for over two miles, taking in amazing views of ...

ROUTE Deer Creek Canyon Park - Red Mesa Loop

ROUTE Deer Creek Canyon Park -  (14 of 13).jpg

Deer Creek Canyon Park - Red Mesa Loop

  • x 9
  • 11.399 km
  • 491 m

This is one of the most technical and steepest trails in the Front Range. There are several branching paths that can take you on varied terrain, but the Red Mesa Loop is a long circuit through the trees at the top of a very steep climb, followed by a technical descent back to the start point. You'll experience great views of areas to the East, ...

ROUTE Denver City Parks Half Marathon Loop

ROUTE Cheesman Park (1 of 1).jpg

Denver City Parks Half Marathon Loop

  • x 18
  • 21.512 km
  • 186 m

This half marathon route covers several of Denver's best known parks, as well as it's most popular urban path, the Cherry Creek Trail. Beginning and ending at the front doors of the Denver REI Flagship store, the route begins by crossing the South Platte River and entering onto the paved path of Cherry Creek Trail. Winding along the creek, ...

ROUTE North Table Mountain - North Loop Trail

ROUTE NorthLoopTrail (11 of 10).jpg

North Table Mountain - North Loop Trail

  • x 9
  • 12.067 km
  • 410 m

North Table Mountain is a climbing, running, biking, and hiking mecca out the outskirts of Golden, Colorado. There are half a dozen trails that weave their way through North Table Mountain Park, but the North Table Mountain is the longest and most diverse. From the parking lot off of Highway 93, you will love around the entire mountain, taking ...

ROUTE Watertown Canyon Half Marathon

ROUTE 20160113-DenverCityTrail2.jpg

Watertown Canyon Half Marathon

  • x 7
  • 20.632 km
  • 346 m

Watertown Canyon is one of the best and most scenic wildlife viewing locations in Colorado. A dirt road parallels the South Platte River the entire way to Strontia Springs Dam and Reservoir 6.5 miles later. The road has a constant grade of approximately 1%, offering a gradual uphill to the dam, followed by a gradual glide back down to the ...

ROUTE Green Mountain Trail

ROUTE Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.14.22 AM.png

Green Mountain Trail

  • x 9
  • 7.093 km
  • 288 m

Green Mountain is large mound formation in the western part of Denver. It is a popular place for mountain biking and trail running, offering a variety of trails and terrain, from gently rolling single track to gravel roads. This is a great place to piece together a route that suits your needs for the day.

ROUTE South Platte River Trail Loop

ROUTE Denver REI Front.jpg

South Platte River Trail Loop

  • x 4
  • 6.371 km
  • 134 m

This route begins and ends at the iconic Denver REI Flagship store. Heading south along the South Platte River Trail you'll pass several cultural sites, including Sports Authority Field, the home of the Denver Broncos. Crossing a footbridge to the East side of the river you'll turn North, passing by Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, Centennial ...

Meilleurs spots

  • Climb to the Top Climb to the Top
  • A View of Downtown Denver A View of Downtown Denver
  • 20160117-DenverCityTrail24.jpg South Platte River Scenic Dock
  • 20160117-DenverCityTrail28.jpg Overland Golf Course Turnaround
  • Hogsback Range View Hogsback Range View
  • View of the Front Range Over Green Mountain View of the Front Range Over Green Mountain

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